Biology of Behavior Institute

cafeGraphicThe Biology of Behavior Institute (BoBI) at the University of Houston is comprised of a number of researchers interested in studying the proximate mechanisms and ultimate causes of behavioral variation. Our member labs use a variety of techniques and diversity of organisms to study the genetic, physiological, and neuronal basis of sterotyped and variable behaviors. We also employ a variety of experimental and comparative methods in both the lab and field to elucidate the consequences of behavioral variation in relevant ecological contexts. We feel that integrating approches across disciplines yields a deep understanding of the causes and consequences of behavioral variation, and ultimately reveals how behavioral diversity has evolved. The links at the top of the page describe research in the BoBI member labs, outline what students gain by joining BoBI, and a brief discussion and links to resources for student entry-level funding for behavioral research. In the coming weeks, we will enrich the site with more content about BoB, behavioral research at UH, an events calendar and much more.

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