BoBI Undergraduates Awarded PURS Fellowships

Posted on January 08, 2013

nerve_0Undergraduates in several BoBI labs were given awards under the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program (PURS) this semester. These competitive awards support talented undergraduates while they conduct research in a host lab. The recipients, their host lab and projects are listed below. Congratulations.

Effat Ahmadi, Dauwalder Lab. Project: Identification of blood-brain barrier mRNAs which contribute to the determination of Drosophila male courtship behavior

Harith Al-Baldawi, Roman Lab. Project: Neural Dissection of the Starvation Effect on Exploration

Luke Gurrala, Ziburkus Lab. Project: Hot Brains: Mechanisms of Neural Inhibition Failure in Hyperthermia

Sophia Lauer, Frankino Lab. Project: Adaptive Environment-Phenotype Matching in Relative Wing Size

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