BoBI Brownbag - Friday, March 8

Posted on March 05, 2013

brownBagDr. Samina Salim, assistant professor of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, will present her work on the effect of oxidative stress on anxiety and hypertension at BoBI Brownbag this Friday, 8 March at noon in SERC 104.

BoBI Brownbag Schedule

Date Paper to be Discussed
1-Feb Ruth/Minseon George, et al. 2012
8-Feb Claire/Linet Wood, et al. 2010
15-Feb Doug Eikenburg Inescapable Stress
22-Feb Stephanie Salim, et al. 2010, Brain Res. 139:178-185
1-Mar Chamala Lama Brain Res. 1404:63-71
8-Mar Samina Salim Oxidative Damage and Anxiety
15-Mar Spring Break
22-Mar Efi Black, et al.
29-Mar Mark Anwar, et al. 
5-Apr Jee-Yoon Lehmann Birth order and Jury Selection
12-Apr Jean
19-Apr Sumit/Vrutant
26-Apr Hila
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