BOBI Undergraduate Scholars Summer 2013

Posted on April 19, 2013

Congratulations to our BoBI scholars for this summer!

BOBI-Monika-SchmittMonika Schmitt from the Eriksen Lab. Monika will examine the effect of the expression of Prostacyclin synthase in learning and memory using aged mice. Prostacyclin has several effects in hemostasis, and also novel anti-inflammatory and anti-mitogenic functions. This is an exciting project in a new area of aged-related memory decline.

BoBI-Mazen-ZaibakMazen Zaibak from the Dauwalder lab. Mazen will test the hypothesis that the Dopamine 2R receptor functions within the Drosophila blood brain barrier to modulate male reproductive behavior. Functions for the blood brain barrier in actively regulating behavior is a new and exciting area for research. Mazen’s work will help define the G protein-coupled receptors that function within these cells to promote male courtship.

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