Another successful BoBI scientific retreat at the Arboretum, Saturday May 7!

Posted on May 09, 2016

Keeping up with tradition, BoBI members met for a great day of research, talks and poster presentations. BoBI faculty, Postdoctoral researchers and Graduate students told us about their research in talks and posters. Our graduate and undergraduate summer fellowship recipients were honored, and a precious poster prize awarded. Congratulations to all!

Every poster presenter was asked to introduce her/his poster with either one slide and a 1 minute “ad”, or to create a Haiku describing the project. That was great fun. Below you can read the Haikus - enjoy!

2016 BoBI Retreat Haikus

Drosophila, please!
Exhibit your behaviors
For pursuit of science
- Cameron Love

Early activated
A1 receptors make live,
Smart, social Dravet mice
- Laura Montier

Like a spider’s jump
Quick and furiously sprung
Life is changed e’er more.
- Gregg Roman

Trees cast long shadows
The sun falls beneath the sky
Owls, moths, bats arise…
- Gregg Roman

One shifts and a line is crossed
- Gregg Roman

The air is warmer
Absorbing much more water
Until it doesn’t.
- Gregg Roman

After the rain fall
Anopheles multiply
Odonates approve.
- Gregg Roman

Depends on who you are with,
also where you’re from
- Heather Votaw

What may be out there?
A sugar glider opts to
Take a leap of faith.
- Gregg Roman

Finding a small breach
An octopus seeks freedom
Will it find the sea?
- Gregg Roman

A feline mortality
Jeopardy was nigh.
- Gregg Roman

April is the cruelest month
(Apologies to T.S. Elliot)
- Gregg Roman

Rain pools everywhere
The sleep song becomes raucous
How long will it last?
- Gregg Roman

May’s warmth dries the land
Awakens moss-bearded trees
Yet, the vultures feed
- Gregg Roman

And finally, on a sad note, one to Gregg, because our BoBI director Gregg Roman will be moving away from UH this Summer to new challenges and adventures:

BoBI was his brainchild
Research and learning, such fun
We’ll miss you dearly.

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