BoBI Retreat at the MFAH's Bayou Bend, Saturday May 9 Was Great Fun!

Posted on May 14, 2015

For the seventh consecutive year, BoBI members met for a great day of research, talks and poster presentations. BoBI faculty, Postdoctoral researchers, Graduate and Undergraduate students told us about their research. The summer fellowship recipients were honored, and poster awards were won by one First place, one Second places and one Third places winners. Congratulations to all!

Every poster presenter was asked to introduce her/his poster with either one slide and a 1 minute “ad”, or to create a Haiku describing the project. That was great fun. Below you can read the Haikus - enjoy!

Retreat 2015 Haikus

Welcome to BoBI
Animals behaving stir
animated minds
- Gregg Roman

BoBI-ists roll out
Posters and slides and fun
Summer is coming
- Brigitte Dauwalder

I see BobI-ists
Talking of science and fun
Who could resist them
- Brigitte Dauwalder

Add a small pinhole
Collect just the best photons
Fine details now show
- Kathleen Gajewski

Simple X-Y scans
Stack them in time and/or space
Get awesome data
- Kathleen Gajewski

Munc 13 is low
The mouse drinks, thinks, contemplates
Then returns for more
- Jessica Wooden

Spreading depression
Deadly wave has secrets
Computers may tell…
- Simon Powell

White eyes do not know -
Faint memories of two odors;
Unbalanced confusion
- Jennifer Myers

Imaging neurons
Drink wine and changes ensue
Plasticity found
- Gregg Roman

Radiating brains
Mice smell, but no memory
What about neurons?
- Emma C. Perez

Sex in flies is cool
But wait, a gene is missing
And love is fading
- Brigitte Dauwalder

The ocean is quiet except on the shore. Aphrodite rose from foam waves on the shore. Land arbiter to her soliloquy hums a solace tune. His wing generates the melody. His muscle directs the wing. His mind controls the muscle. Where is his mind for the music? Where do the internal drive and the external trace combine?

Deep well of water
Dries all up in the sunshine
After a while
- Cameron Love

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