Financial Support

Research is not free. Money is needed to pay for scientific equipment and materials, researcher salaries, travel to research sites and conferences, to publish papers. Consequently, securing research support is part of the reality of conducting scientific research.

Part of our philosophy of mentorship includes helping students to secure their own research support. By helping students develop competitive applications to fund their research, we guide them toward understanding critically the central issues of their research project, help them to develop their writing skills, and we facilitate the growth of their confidence through professional achievement - preparing them for a successful career in science or nearly any field. By applying for small grants early, students build their CV, increasing the likelihood of securing more competitive money later. Also, managing their own money allows a student to independently pursue their own research agenda, making research more fun.

At right, you will find links to internal, on campus funding and monies from local agencies as well as some links to outside agencies; these are selected for posting here because they are general, appropriate for behavioral work, and geared towards students early in the development of their research programs. Links to more sources will be added soon. Support can be used to conduct research, pay for student or student assistant salaries, and to attend meetings.

The Biology of Behavior Institute is developing a fund to pay for core facilities, local meetings, and to support student and postdoctoral research To contribute, you can go to this page and select “Biology of Behavior Institute” and make a donation.

The Biology of Behavior Institute (BoBI) and the Office of Undergraduate Research are offering a summer scholarship to a continuing UH sophomore, junior, or senior student to participate in a 10-week research program during the summer of 2013. The research must be conducted in the laboratory of one of the BoBI faculty members, and the project must have a strong behavioral and/or neurobiological component. The BoBI Undergraduate Scholar will receive a $3500 stipend to conduct a full-time project during the ten-week program, and hence will not be able to enroll for course credit or receive credit for the summer research. Current SURF applicants who are applying with a BoBI faculty mentor may also apply to this program. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 gpa. The deadline to submit an application for the BoBI Undergraduate Scholar program is Monday, April 1st. Go here for more information.

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